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Chris Bergin, Sales Associate

Business Philosophy

My Core Values

I believe that building meaningful relationships is what life’s all about. While conducting business with me, I promise to ALWAYS ….

·       Live by the “Get By Giving” Philosophy

·       Make My Client’s #1 Goal My #1 Goal

·       Live Up to My Standards, Despite Temptations to Lower Them

·       Be Willing to Work Toward a Common Good

·       Do What I Say I Will Do, Sometimes More, Just Never Less

When you hire a Master Salesperson, you’re hiring a sales and service professional with the highest level of training, industry knowledge, honesty and integrity as well as a commitment to always put your needs and goals first. You’ll never have to question, never have to hunt for answers, and never doubt that you’re in good hands. This elite group of men and women are the best of the best and a resource you can trust to protect your family’s interests, every time.